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Soccer Fields

2018 FIFA World Cup, 'nuff said! Plus, you can't play soccer alone!

Fitness Centers & Gyms

Find people to workout with at the fitness centers and gyms near you. You know, everyone needs a spotter. Safety first!


Are you intimidated to visit your local skatepark like I definitely was? Subscribe to and commment on your local skateparks to look for people to skate and learn new tricks with.

Running Trails

Why run alone when you can run with groups? Or do you commute on a bike trail? Setup your schedule and make new friends.

Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Courts

Yeah, no one can play tennis alone really.

Beach Volleyball Courts

Get some tan, make some friends while you hit some balls over the net.

Ski/Snowboard Resorts

Make a ski or snowboard trips with your locals and again, make new friends!!!

Surf Beaches

Unless you're surfing on Michigan lake, definitely wouldn't wanna be the only guy out in the middle of the ocean. Reserve a spot and surf with your new friends!

Volleyball Courts

Might not get the tan you want here but you can always play ball.

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